Philips Arena

This smaller venue made an investment in premium seating and nearly doubled revenue and attendance by attracting more people, they attracted bigger acts.

Salvaging Problematic Seating Platforms

Time consuming changeovers were wasting valuable resources

Download a hard copy of the case study here.

Download a hard copy of the case study here.

Philips Arena is the cornerstone of Atlanta’s downtown entertainment scene. The Arena is also one of the top multi-purpose sports and entertainment venues in the world, hosting more than 160 events annually. The arena already had a demanding changeover schedule with NBA and NHL games, as well as events. Imagine the headaches when the custom telescopic seating system started breaking down on a regular basis. Changeovers became riddled with equipment failures and crew safety hazards that increased the time, labor costs and exposure to unsafe situations.

10 years of normal use had resulted in extraordinary damage, so it was clear to the arena’s managers that simply restoring the system to its original specifications was only going to start the cycle again. Philips Arena needed a better solution. The managers approached Hussey Seating’s National IAVM Service team, knowing we would work on any manufacturer’s system and would develop improvements solve the problems for the long term.

The Hussey Advantage

Hussey’s service group called on their experienced team of factory inspectors and certified installation technicians to first understand the operational and safety issues with the system and then determine the root causes. Hussey went on to provide a comprehensive plan to repair the damage and make critical improvements. The solutions were designed to optimize the equipment and deliver superior performance well into the future. Deficiencies were found in three areas of the telescopic system: The casterhorns, the MSL components, and the upright frames. 

Read the case study to see how Hussey Seating solved

The Payoff
The Hussey team identified and corrected all of the deficiencies, completing the work on time and on budget. Philips Arena got a properly functioning system again without having to resort to the time and expense of a complete system replacement. The longevity of the system was extended, and the operations team has dramatically reduced time and labor costs of changeovers while providing a much safer work environment for their team.