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Estadio BBVA - Monterray, Mexico

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Esports Stadium Arlington - Arlington, TX

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The Theater at MGM National Harbor - National Harbor, MD


Wintrust Arena - Chicago, IL


South Florida Community College - Avon Park, FL

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Innovation built on quality

  • Maxam®
    Telescopic gym bleacher seating

    Maximize your floor space and your bleacher seating with Hussey Seating MAXAM telescopic gym bleachers. Equipped with Hussey Seating’s innovative Flex-Row technology, MAXAM bleachers keep your indoor gymnasium accessible and in ADA compliance. Complete your set up with auto rotating to make safety automatic.

    Maxam ®
  • Maxam+
    Telescopic Platform Seating

    Engineered to meet a wide variety of applications and venues, from school auditoriums to sports and entertainment arenas, MAXAM+ is ready to perform in the most demanding audience environments. Pair this rugged telescopic platform with our auto fold Metro™ folding platform chair, Gallery 3, Premia or Courtside seat.

  • Mxp™
    Telescopic Platforms

    MXP™ Telescopic Platform delivers big-league performance when the pressure is on. Building on the heritage of our proven vertical frame construction, MXP Telescopic Platform seating delivers owners and operators maximum performance and reliability, ease of setup and operation, and the premium seating experience your customers demand.

  • Hussey Seatway
    Retractable Seating Platform

    For the most sophisticated Black Box theaters and performing arts venues, combine the flexibility of retractable seating with the plus comfort your guests deserve. Hussey Seatway retractable seating is completely customized for your performance space and tailored to your seating needs.

    Hussey Seatway
  • Quattro® Designer Series®
    Premium fixed seating

    The elegant upholstered designer series, complete with finished outer back, makes an impressive statement. Choose from a broad selection of wood veneers and quality laminates.

    Quattro Designer Series®
  • Quattro Art Series
    Elegance your way

    There is an indisputable richness and warmth to wood finished seating that has always attracted the performing arts and theater markets; but the real desire has always been for customization. The entire theater experience is emotive, artistic, and dramatic and your audience deserves the enhanced sight lines and acoustics that can only be found with the Quattro Art Series by Hussey Seating.

    Quattro Art Series
  • Quattro Traditional
    Blending design with tradition

    The Quattro Traditional Collection brings back the classic look you enjoyed in the past with all the comforts and ergonomic support today's market demands. Plus, every Quattro fixed auditorium seat is backed by the Hussey Seating limited lifetime warranty—the best in the business.

    Quattro Traditional Collection
  • Quattro Performance Series
    Performance with style

    Designed for high-use environments, the Quattro Performance series is virtually maintenance free, yet still upholds Quattro’s high standards for comfort, style and long-lasting performance. When you need sports arena and stadium seating that works hard and plays hard, you need Hussey Seating Company Quattro Perfomance Series.

    Quattro Performance Series
  • Fusion
    Built to Last

    Fusion stands up to the elements and the rigors of any demanding sports & entertainment venue. Plus, it's contoured for ergonomic support to improve the spectator experience. Found in stadiums and arenas around the world, the Fusion chair supports even the rowdies of fans.

  • Legend
    Seating fit for a legend

    Designed for comfort, durability and value, Legend is a classic choice in many different venues, including indoor facilities. Seen in classic baseball stadiums, soccer stadiums and football stadiums across the world the Legend is always a home run.

  • Quattro Extreme
    Ready to take on the elements

    Quattro Extreme combines the luxury of an upholstered indoor chair with the durability of an outdoor stadium seat for your open-air seating. Rugged and weather-resistant, Quattro Extreme has rust-proof stanchions, corrosion-resistant hardware, and marine-grade fabric to protect your seats while offering spectators the most comfortable outdoor seating experience

    Quattro Extreme
  • Clarin® Portable Vip®
    Giving premium a new meaning

    The Clarin VIP chair is the ultimate portable folding chair. From theaters to courtside seats, the VIP is the perfect option for your premium seating areas and most important guests.

    Clarin Portable Vip®