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Dalhousie University Case Study


Hussey Seating and its dealer network delivered a premium solution custom-fit to school and community needs

The Dalplex, a 50,000 sq. ft. field house for Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was considered one of the best facilities east of Montreal when it was constructed back in 1979. But after 40 years in operation, the facility and its original Hussey Seating equipment had begun to show their age. The university was also faced with dramatic growth in demand for the facility, with enrollment having increased from 8,000 to their current 19,000 students.

Obstacles & Opportunities
The Dalplex, known as the front porch of the university, was the heart and soul of the community where fans would gather, celebrate, and support local teams. But from a program perspective, the facility was no longer delivering the experience it had in decades past. Beyond bleacher replacement, they hoped to use the renovation to revitalize that experience and spirit while boosting the university’s overall brand.

The main challenge to this would be the continuation of field house operations throughout construction. Upgrades would also need to be completed within a tight timeline, with the onset of Christmas break potentially slowing progress. Further limiting was crew access to just one loading dock with a pressurized roofing system, which they would have to work around.

Creative Seating Solutions recommended the installation of 12 new MAXAM and MAXAM+ portable units with metro chairs for optimal comfort. They also proposed Xtreme logos to enhance branding. With this plan in place, the process of working with Hussey Seating and Creative Seating Solutions was seamless and operations continued without interruption.

The Payoff
The portability, ease, and flexibility of their new seating solution immediately decreased labor demand and cost. “We saved,” Kathie explained, “two hours on setup time and we’re probably using two to four less people depending on the setups required.” Meanwhile, event revenue grew by 100 percent year over year. With impressive new facilities, the university is now able to compete on an international level while increasing the number, type, and size of events they host.

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