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Nissan Stadium - Nashville, TN

Back Options
  • Fusion Back

    Fusion is contoured for ergonomic support to improve the spectator experience. And with contemporary lines and a smooth, polished surface, the seat looks as good as it feels.

    Fusion Back
  • Fusion Padded

    For extra comfort, soft padded backs on our Fusion chairs are apopular option.

    Fusion Padded
  • Fusion Polymer

    Designed to stand up to the elements and rigors of a demanding sports and entertainment venue, Fusion will last season after season. Plus, the Fusion chair is contoured for ergonomic support to improve the spectator experience.

    Fusion Polymer
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  • ADA Arms

    Flip-up and Armless Chairs

    We offer solutions for semi-ambulatory spectators who need to easily slip into a regular seat. The flip-up arm allows access into end-row chairs and can be easily flipped down for a full armrest once the patron is seated. Both types can be used for standard seating when maximum capacity is required.

    ADA Arms
  • Cup Holders

    Cup holders can be attached to chairs for spill-proof convenience. Multiple styles and configurations are available, including back-attached (bolt-on or clamp-on), wallattached and rail-attached.

    Cup Holders
  • In-Fill Decks

    To help you meet ADA code, the top two rows of chairs below the cross-aisle or concourse are removable, and can be in-filled with an aluminum platform at the same elevation as the crossaisle. Wheelchair patrons can wheel across the concourse and directly onto the platform. When not needed, this flexible option allows you to recover the two rows of fixed chairs, maximizing your facility’s revenue potential.

    In-Fill Decks
  • Expansion Joints

    Various plates are available for different attachment methods to accommodate expansion joints in the seating bowl.

    Expansion Joints
  • Fusion Logo Plate

    With Fusion’s optional logo plate, graphic or cast logos can be applied at time of installation or at any point in the future.

    Fusion Logo Plate
  • Fusion™ Ingegral Logo

    Your team or facility’s logo can be integrated into each chair’s cast iron end stanchion. Vinyl appliques can be added to color the logo.

    Fusion™ Integral Logo
  • Padded Upholstered Seats

    A wrapped padded seat for ultimate comfort and style. Use matching polymer and vinyl for a monotone look or two-tone with color to make your chair really pop.

    Padded Upholstered Seats
  • Padded Backs

    For extra comfort, soft padded backs on our Fusion chairs are a popular option.Padded Seats Foam and fabric pads add style and comfort to any of our polymer chairs.

    Padded Backs
  • Quattro Seats

    Quattro Extreme Seats Add cushioned comfort with a fully upholstered Quattro Extreme™ seat while maintaining the rugged practicality of a blowmolded polymer back. Or combine with a padded back for even more comfort!

    Quattro Seats
  • Redirected Seating

    Seats can be angled 12 degrees towards home plate, reducing neck strain.(Legend standards only).

    Redirected Seating
  • Roll-A-Way

    This feature is made from floor mount stanchions attached to a steel base with tubular supports. Four swivel casters are mounted on hinged plates to either fold underneath for easy mobility or fold up out of the way when secured to the floor. Available in 2-chair (approx. 46”/1168 mm) or 3-chair (approx. 66”/1676 mm) widths to accommodate one or two wheelchairs. Adjacent companion chairs can be permanently installed.

  • Skid-Mounted and Companion Chairs

    Seats are mounted on skids for standard seating, and the entire assembly can be unbolted and removed at a moment’s notice to accommodate wheelchair patrons. Adjacent chairs remain available for companion seating. Sections are available in 2-chair (approximately 46”/1168 mm) or 3-chair (approximately 66”/1676 mm) widths to fit one or two wheelchairs.

    Skid-Mounted and Companion Chairs
  • Interchangeable Parts

    Our Legend and Fusion seats, backs and stanchions are built to be interchangeable. Create your very own chair with the parts you want. Left: Legend back with Fusion seat and stanchions.

    Interchangeable Parts