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Enumclaw High School Case Study


Hussey Seating and its dealer network delivered a premium solution custom-fit to school and community needs

The gymnasium at Enumclaw High School in Washington, which serves approximately 1,700 students, isn’t just a space for physical education, student assemblies, and spirited rallies. Its seating also accommodates parents and supportive members of the community who attend events and games—from basketball through gymnastics. Guests range in abilities and include senior citizens, students and spectators in wheelchairs, and disabled individuals.

Obstacles & Opportunities
Since this was the first and last time Phil would design a gym, he relied heavily on input from Nor-Pac Seating, their local Hussey Seating dealer. Nor-Pac began with a presentation of all options including a summary of what innovative features Hussey Seating had to offer. Nor-Pac wanted to collaborate and ensure the endresult delivered the most for the least amount of money.During discussions that followed, Nor-Pac suggested adding autorotating aisle rails as a safety measure. This was a solution that would not only address outstanding issues but also save a great deal of time and effort on the part of hardworking school custodians.

Taking Nor-Pac’s advice, the school chose the FlexRow solution, which was both multipurpose and ideal for ADA accommodations. This equipment included a single row that could be pushed in or out with ease. Students could sit at the bench during team meetings and then close it before heading to practice. Teachers could also use the bench to take attendance during P.E. and then shift into a classroom setting.

Before their new Hussey bleacher system, there was also no set location designated for those with disabilities or in wheelchairs. But now they could offer all kids and all people their own spot in the gym. Students in wheelchairs could sit with classmates at their designated section as opposed to wherever space might be available.

The auto-rotating handrail also became a must. This two-fold solution was a vital safety feature for the school and the community. It also reduced the labor involved in manual installation and operation of each handrail prior to events. Now, one person could operate the entire unit with the press of a button, a drastic reduction in changeover time that ensures visitors remain safe—even when climbing all the way to the top.

The Payoff
In just the first few weeks of use, school staff noticed a larger number of senior citizens in attendance. Fans also seemed to stay longer as a result of the added level of comfort. Nor-Pac’s expertise throughout the process helped Enumclaw High School garner the strongest value for their investment while expediting and simplifying changeover.

“What I’m looking forward to this year” Phil said, “when people walk into our gym, opposing athletic directors, coaches, is having the conversation. And when they have the opportunity in the future, I’ll be recommending Hussey, working with Nor-Pac, and designing a system that really allows them to have versatility similar to, if not as nice as, ours.”

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