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Patent Notifications & Trademarks


Patent Notifications

As a company that thrives itself on innovation, Hussey Seating Company continuously moves towards not only improving products but developing new ones. Here is a list of our current patents:

Patent Description   Patent Number
Bleacher Deck Interlock Apparatus and Method Apparatus for securing adjacent tiers of a retractable bleacher to prevent relative vertical movement between the adjacent tiers when the retractable bleacher is fully extended are described. The retractable bleacher includes a first engagement member that is secured to a first decking tier, a second engagement member secured to a second adjacent decking tier. The first engagement member and the second engagement member are configured and cooperative to prevent relative vertical movement of the second decking tier with respect to the first decking tier when the retractable bleacher is fully extended in the open configuration.   11,035,138
Bleacher having an integral front-aisle step A front-aisle step that is integral with a deck of a bleacher and disposed in a bleacher access-aisle is disclosed. The first deck includes a deck surface having a deck surface height above a support surface and the front-aisle step has a front-aisle step surface having a height above the support surface that is less than the deck surface height. The front-aisle step has a front edge that is co-extensive with or recessed from a forward edge of the bleacher. In one embodiment a reversible platform is disposed in the access-aisle and in a first mounting orientation provides a front-aisle step surface at a height below the first deck surface and in a second mounting orientation in which the reversible platform is inverted from the first mounting orientation, the reversible platform provides a front-aisle step surface at a height generally co-planar with the first deck surface.   15591740
Auto-rotating aisle rail systems and methods Improved aisle rail systems and methods for use in conjunction with telescopic or retractable seating systems. A handle portion is at an upper end of a post. A short arm having a roller extends radially from a lower extent of the post. The post is rotationally mounted to a deck of a bleacher system by a support socket. Interaction of the roller with a step mounted on an underlying deck resulting from relative motion of the deck on which the aisle rail system is mounted and the underlying deck results in rotation of the post and associated handle.   10053881, 02916558
Portable bleacher with active descent and lift mechanism A portable bleacher seating structure includes an active descent and lift mechanism that includes a placement assembly having an arm and an arm wheel at a distal end thereof. A bracket connects the arm to a gas spring. The pressure within the gas spring opposes the arm as the bleacher is positioned in order to control the descent of the bleacher as it is tipped into position.   14627647, 09326611
Seating spacers for seating systems A seating spacer configured to fit between two seating units in a seating system bench-type seating. In one embodiment, at least one seating spacer is placed between two seating units arranged in a side-by-side manner to form a row of seating in a seating system.   12397059, 08528971, 02657150
Double Action Nose Mount Chair Stanchion A seating solution for telescopic platforms, allowing the seat and back to fold nearly flat in a single motion, enabling storage in tight spaces.   US 2021/0068546 A1
Balcony Mounted Chair and Integral Rail Socket A seating unit system to mount seats to the nose of a balcony and providing a front guardrail solution.   US 2022/0053936 A1


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