Historical Timeline

Innovation since 1835. From plow blades to spectator seating. 



The Hussey Plow Company is established. It is founded by William Hussey, a farmer and native of North Berwick, Maine, who has designed a more efficient plow blade. Hussey earns international recognition for the blade’s effectiveness and durability.


In the early morning hours of January 11, a terrible fire sweeps through the plow factory, nearly ending the family business. Out of the ashes William Hussey’s grandsons rebuild and redefine the company, changing course to focus on shaping steel into fire escapes, bridge supports, ski lifts and other sought-after products.


Philip Hussey, while completing a project for the Portland Boys Club, conceives a portable bleacher for outdoor use. He begins selling outdoor bleachers throughout New England, but later adapts the design for indoors when the baby boom of the 1950’s escalates the construction of new schools and gymnasiums.


Hussey develops the first “closed-deck” telescopic gym seating system. This new design prevents spectators’ feet and personal items from slipping beneath the seat riser, and is still the most widely used system today.



Designed for the adaptation of fold-down chairs, Hussey installs its first telescopic platform at the Pittsburgh Civic Center. This new concept gains quick popularity as civic centers and arenas are now able to provide both seating and floor space for non-traditional events like trade shows, concerts or even rodeos.



Hussey introduces Pow-R-Trac, an electrically powered system for opening and closing telescopic gym seats and platforms. The easy-to-operate system allows for longer sections and more rows, maximizing seating capacity. Pow-R-Trac leads to the successful development and installation of the first 30-row telescopic gym seating system.


Unable to find a company that could build a proper chair for its telescopic platforms, Hussey designs the fold down Sentinel chair. Soon after, 3,500 of the new Sentinels are installed in Maine’s Augusta Civic Center. Today, well over a million Sentinels are being used around the world.


Hussey purchases a local polymer molding company and begins production of its own polymer seating parts, which are a vital resource for the production of Sentinel chairs.



Hussey enters the upholstered auditorium chair market with its purchase of Ideal Seating Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan (later moved to Maine in 1983). Hussey also manufactures and installs 5,000 Sentinel seats for a new hockey rink in Lake Placid, New York, site of the 1980 Winter Olympic Games.


The Hussey Comfort Curve is introduced. The all-polymer gymnasium seat provides improved comfort and the ability to introduce multiple colors into a school’s gymnasium.



Hussey unveils its new Olympiad polymer stadium chair and immediately receives a contract to provide 65,000 seats for the National Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Orders for the Sky Dome in Toronto, Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami and Comiskey Park in Chicago soon follow.


Taking a leadership position in Telescopic Gym Seating, Hussey is the first company to introduce 15 standard and 7 select colors in an all-polymer gym seat.



Hussey introduces the Legend stadium chair for Major League Baseball—a nostalgic throwback to the original ballpark seats of the 1940s. The first Legend installation is completed at Coors Field in Denver, home of the Colorado Rockies.


Hussey wins its largest contract ever, providing new seating for Arrowhead Stadium & Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. We also introduce the distinctive Medallion stadium chair.


The world’s leading expert proudly introduces a major evolution in telescopic gymnasium seating: MAXAM™. An engineering triumph with Hussey’s characteristic emphasis on safety, MAXAM is a flexible tool that gives users the power to change and adapt.



The world’s leading expert in seating solutions proudly introduces a major evolution in upholstered seating: Quattro™. Designed specifically to combine distinctive style with comfort, durability and value, Hussey Quattro sets a new aesthetic standard for upholstered seating.



Hussey introduces Metro, a rail based seating system that succeeds our phenomenally successful Sentinel chair. Sleek, slim and easy to install, the Metro line is a giant leap towards getting the most out of your facility. Available in both telescopic and fixed versions, Metro allows perfect continuity throughout a facility. Metro is made of the most advanced composites and uses the latest molding technology. It also features whisper quiet seat operation and fits in an amazingly tiny 51⁄2” (140 mm) stored envelope.


The CourtSide Seating Collection debuts, setting a new industry standard: the perfect blend of ergonomic comfort, modern design, performance and value. The seat’s design incorporates modern styling, dual texturing and waterfall front edges, and they are manufactured from 100% recyclable materials. Today, approximately 90% of all gymnasium seats sold are polymer.


The CourtSide XT Seat Spacer debuts, setting a new industry standard comfort in the gym seat market. The innovation of the spaces provides enhanced comfort by increasing personal space on a telescopic bleacher system where it matters most in the shoulder area. The spaces provides 22% more space and also provides an optional cupholder. Integrate it with a contour back rest to create a VIP section to help with revenue generation for any facility.


The Quattro Performance Series debuts, the high end Quattro Performance Series chairs are available in Plyform or Polymer options. The chair offers high performance, durability and value while maintaining an eye towards design. The product is ideal for high use, demanding facilities looking for a great value and low maintenance.



The Fusion Series debuts, this is the latest sports and entertainment seating solution from the world leader in sport seating. The Fusions is a blend of our Olympiad and Medallion seating solutions providing our customers with a modern design chair, with state of the art materials with the best product warranty in the industry. The Fusion chair is available in floor or riser mount options and can be configured as a polymer, padded or upholstered seating solution.


Remote Control Operation for Telescopic Seating Systems debuts, Hussey introduced the innovation
of a wireless pendant control for telescopic gym seat operation designed with RFID tags, readers and timeout processing to insure operator and spectator safety and eliminating the potential for unintended operation. The new wireless remote control offer the facility staff the ease of operation of all their telescopic systems.


The Hussey Seatway Space Frame Telescopic Platform System debuts, a state of the art telescopic platform system with a one of a kind welded deck assembly provides a solid walking surface for high end facilities. Integrated with adjustable cantilevers, facia boards and closure curtains this product is ideal for any high end venue. Select from a variety of chairs to meet your seating needs.


The MXP Telescopic Platform System debuts, The high performance platform system has been designed for rapid change overs, demanding environments with custom configuration requirements. Available with many options this product will soon be the leader in the arena and convention center market.


The Quattro Collection for Telescopic Platforms Seating debuts, These chairs offer the most comfort on a telescopic platform solution. The unique Forward Fold and Nose mount designs provides the same seating comfort expected from a fixed world class seating provider while offering the same high end performance expected on a telescopic platform. Now your most important customers in the front rows can now sit in style.


Clarin by Hussey Seating debuts, Hussey Seating acquired industry giant Clarin Seating, the world leader in providing portable folding seats, lecture room learning systems and hospitality loose seating solutions, the new combination or product offerings and distribution will soon set a new standard in our marketplace. Both companies focus on quality, performance, durability and value to insure customer satisfaction.




Hussey's first portable tip-and-roll bleacher, the MAXAM1 hits the market. Named for its 1-person operation advantage, this bleacher becomes quickly popular with facility managers as an efficient way to increase seating capacity at events. 


The Quattro line expands with additions of the Forward-Fold and Nose-Mount capabilities. Designed for quick changeovers and heavy usage these products are perfect for arena, collegiate, auditorium, and event center use. This product innovation helped win contracts with Bridgestone Arena, Denny Sanford Arena, and Choctaw Casinos who were all in need of a flexible, durable seating solution built to last.


Summarized as a year of transition, the Hussey Family and Senior Management carefully prepared for several Senior Leadership transitions. Gary Merrill was named President & CEO after beloved President & CEO, Timothy B. Hussey passed away in June. Gary is the first non-family member to lead the company in 182 years. Letitia Hussey Beauregard is named Chair of the Board of Directors, also in Tim's succession.


Integral Reveal.jpg

Hussey Seating introduces the Quattro Art Series featuring wooden backs, seat bottoms and end panels bringing the idea of affordable elegance to the theater and performing arts center marketplace. With many different ‘live areas’ customers have the ability to add customization to backs, seats, end panels and other areas to create a custom chair in any venue it’s installed.