Performing Arts

Premium performing arts center seating with telescopic platforms, fixed chairs, or portable seats. Even with a whisper quiet seat return, spectator comfort is never sacrificed.  

A superior look with comfort to match

Designer seating with modern functionality make Hussey Seating the perfect solution to any performing arts center. The stylish design of a Quattro seat on a MAXAMPlus or MXP telescopic platform will give your audience exceptional sight-lines leaving your guests focused on the performance at hand instead of craning to see. Add portable chairs for even more flexibility based on the performance of the day.

Distinctively modern, Hussey Seating Quattro Designer Series theater seats are the choice of discerning architects and interior designers for performing arts seating, theater seating or any seating design where style needs to take center stage. Fully upholstered with a finished outer back, choose from over 200 wood veneer and laminate finishes to design your custom Quattro theater seat

A sophisticated choice for theater seating, the Quattro Nostalgia Series and the Quattro Traditional Series blend seating design flourishes from earlier eras with all the modern advances you expect from Hussey performing arts seating.

Need to configure your seating and staging solutions to fit your school's theater or performing arts center design? Your local Hussey Seating expert can help you adapt Quattro theater seats to your theater seating design, performing arts seating design and school theater seating requirements. To learn more, contact your local Hussey Seating expert today.