Hussey Advantage

Your local provider for seating and telescopic maintenance and repair. These include bleacher and seat parts, inspections and safety services.


You chose Hussey Seating Company, the global leader in spectator seating solutions, for your facility. Now choose HusseyAdvantage for your bleacher, seat and platform repair. These could include parts, inspections and safety services. Regardless of the Hussey Seating product, HusseyAdvantage will help prolong the product lifespan through quality repair work.

HusseyAdvantage and our Hussey Regional Service Centers see regular, detailed bleacher and seat inspections as much more than code compliance. Bleacher and seating inspections are the cornerstone of our customer care. Your complete HusseyAdvantage bleacher and seating inspection offers detailed findings, expert recommendations and a stringent bleacher safety survey from a factory trained certified technician. We even provide bleacher safety training during our bleacher and seating inspections—another example of the HusseyAdvantage.