Looking for bleachers or stadium chairs for your track? Specify Hussey Seating bleacher covers and bleacher boards, stadium chairs, theater seats and telescopic seating platforms. When you specify Hussey Seating, you know your school, college or community track seating will go the distance.

Upgrading, replacing, or new construct

If your facility is upgrading, replacing, or putting in new construction, Hussey Seating's solutions for athletic tracks will give your audience premiere sight lines of the event and a comfortable seat that will keep them coming back. Choose from portable, fixed seating, telescopic or our proprietary Perma-Cap and Perma-Plank solution to make your facility shine.

Bleacher Boards & Bleacher Covers: Perma-Cap® and Perma-Plank®

Perma-Cap vinyl bleacher covers are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective way to protect your outdoor track bleachers and your fans. A durable, maintenance-free vinyl bleacher cover that fits over your track’s existing wood or aluminum bleachers, Hussey Seating Perma-Cap bleacher covers defend against tough weather and exuberant fans while seating track spectators in comfort.

Perma-Cap vinyl grandstand bleacher covers are a great way to protect or extend your investment in your school or community track. Our skid resistant, non-reflective, UV resistant and splinter-proof outdoor vinyl bleacher covers never need painting, but always show their true colors. Ask your local Hussey Seating expert about our wide range of colors, and the bleacher joint covers, bleacher end caps and mounting brackets available to complete your track’s spectator seating.

Ready to replace your track bleachers or need new track bleachers? Hussey Seating Perma-Plank durable, economical vinyl bleacher boards cover a galvanized steel plank with a thick layer of heavy-duty, weather and skid-resistant vinyl, creating a durable, insulated bleacher. The Perma-Plank vinyl bleacher is easily installed on new track bleachers or as a replacement for wooden track bleacher seats. Ask your local Hussey Seating expert to see our palette of bold, weather-resistant track bleacher colors that never need painting yet always show their team spirit.

Stadium Seating

Upgrade your track’s bleacher seating with Hussey Seating Fusion and Legend Sports and Entertainment Chairs. Our stadium chairs are the most reliable, durable and comfortable outdoor track seating on the market. Create a VIP or press box section of your track seating with the Legend outdoor chair, or choose the contemporary lines of the Fusion outdoor chair.

Quattro Club and Suite Seating

Create premium seating areas at your track with Hussey Seating Quattro Collection upholstered chairs. Quattro chairs provide VIP design, comfort and performance for premium indoor track seating. Choose from our extensive palette of chair designs, finishes and upgrades to create track seating that seats spectators in complete comfort and style.

MAXAM+™ and MXP™ Telescopic Platform Seating

MAXAM+ and MXP telescopic seating platform with upholstered or polymer arena chairs are fixed to your indoor track wall in banks, and allow you to recover track floor space or seat an overflow crowd quickly and safely with minimum staffing.

Our MAXAM+ Telescopic Platform’s variable rise, tapered sections, extruded aluminum decking and Metro™ folding platform chair always outperform the competition, and your expectations.

For the more complex space requirements of larger indoor tracks, our MXP™ Telescopic Platform delivers. Built on the heritage of our proven MX vertical frame construction, MXP Telescopic Platform seating guarantees owners and operators maximum performance and reliability, quick and hassle-free setup and operation, and the premium seating experience your spectators demand.

Clarin Portable Seating

Clarin by Hussey Seating Portable Folding Chairs are the most popular portable spectator seats in the industry. Known for comfort, durability and functionality, Clarin portable folding chairs feature a durable X-FRAME design, double tube and channel construction and more. There are more than enough custom options and finishes to build a portable folding chair that fits seamlessly into your facility. Plus, our WeatherFighter treatment helps protect your portable folding chair investment.

Clarin's Stadium Seat offers benefits to both spectators and fundraisers. Spectators get a comfortable seat that they can carry with them to indoor and outdoor events, while fundraisers have a great custom logo product to sell to parents and the community.

Let Hussey Seating anchor your track seating solution. Every one of our track bleacher seats, track chairs and retractable track seating platforms is covered by our famous warranty—the best in the track bleacher seating business. To learn more about our school, college and community track seating, contact your local Hussey Seating expert today.