Design Review Webinar

Join us for a design review webinar for the new Quattro Art Series by Hussey Seating Company.

Quattro Art design review webinar

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August 15, 2018 | 1:00-1:30PM.
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Join us for or an interactive session where we'll dive into the creative possibilities with the Quattro Art Series by Hussey Seating Company. You'll learn the product details, potential applications, and be able to provide design feedback that can influence the final chair designs. During the presentation, we will introduce the concept of dedicated design areas. These areas of 'standard customization'  allow you virtually unlimited creative freedom for a unique aesthetic in every venue that suits your architectural vision without the traditional custom price tag.

About the Quattro Art Series:
The latest series added to the Quattro Collection, the Quattro Art Series wooden backs and seat bottoms give the warmth and sophistication your theater, performing arts, worship, and auditorium patrons demand. 


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Ron Bilodeau
Innovation Engineer & Product Manager

Ron Bilodeau began his career with Hussey Seating 30+ years ago in design engineering. His passion for understanding the seating market's needs has lead to a progressive career in product management and innovation engineering. Ron has worked diligently with customers in the theater and performing arts markets to understand their needs for decades and used this information to develop the new Quattro Art Series. 

For Questions or More Information:
Stephanie Whitman
Marketing Manager
+1 207 676 0288