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Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center Case Study


Hussey Seating designed a cost-efficient strategy for inventory upgrade, aligning seamlessly with a hectic event calendar

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, situated in the heart of Dallas, hosts as many as 300 events that attract between 1 and 1.5 million people annually. This includes 50-person sit-down meetings along with large-scale consumer and trade shows, conventions, and conferences using 30,000 portable Clarin chairs. After 25 years of using the Clarin chairs, an update was necessary but a complete inventory overhaul wasn't feasible or practical.

Obstacles & Opportunities
Steve Luttazi, National Sales Manager for Clarin by Hussey Seating, devised a strategy that utilized the chair frame - which was still in great shape - and refurbish the back and seat cushion. To avoid disrupting regularly scheduled revenue generating events, the project was completed in phases.

Hussey Seating, with a primary interest in designing a solution to meet its customer’s needs as opposed to merely selling a product, enabled the center’s successful inventory upgrade. This was accomplished at a minimal cost by maximizing the use of existing resources. Further, all scheduled events were hosted as planned because assembly and installation were conducted in waves.

The Payoff
Since the upgrade, customers have been even happier with the center. The new seat cushions are extremely comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing – able to take the center forward into the next decade and beyond. “I think the most amazing part is that we’re going to be able to keep this chair for another 20 years” concluded Mr. Rojas. “From a financial standpoint, you can’t beat that.”

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