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Hussey University - graduating more experts in seating

We have 13 new "graduates" from the esteemed Hussey University.  Thirteen of our newer dealer salespeople have been here in Maine for the last 3 days, getting a crash course from the Hussey Seating "faculty" on how to be an expert in seating solutions, and how to bring value to their customers.

This is actually a rigorous program, and covers, in depth, all of the various high quality Hussey products - specs, positioning, features, and benefits.  We teach how to do after-sale service most effectively; how to use national contract purchasing tools; how to use our renowned AIA presentations; the ins and outs of Hussey's social media content and strategy; and training on our newest tool, Revit models for architectural and contractor use.

The course includes several site vists, as well as classroom time - and of course, informal time enjoying the hospitality of Hussey employees, and the mandatory lobster rolls in Kennebunkport!

Our business truly is about delivering value to our chosen customers, and it takes real expertise to share all that value.  We can't do it alone from the factory, and have long relied on expert partners (our dealers/disbributors) around the world to be the best vehicle to get our value proposition out there and in use.  I am very happy we have 13 more talented and very motivated experts ready now to conquer the seating world!

Tim Hussey

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The Voice of the Customer

It seems like the most basic rule of business success – listen to your customers, understand their biggest challenges, their needs, their wants... and then deliver solutions that meet those needs and fulfill those desires. Sounds simple, yet there are plenty of businesses that focus instead on developing a product or service first, then try to convince potential customers why they need it.

At Hussey Seating, we've always believed in the power of the Voice of the Customer. First and foremost as the surest means of developing the right solution for a particular customer's needs, one that delivers the maximum value to that customer. But also as the best possible endorsement of our capabilities once the job is done.

If you're looking to get the most from your audience seating space, give a listen to the voices of our customers here on our website. And if you like the idea of working collaboratively with a partner who starts by listening, let's get to work on the best seating solution for your facility.