Onward & Upwards it is

Timothy B. Hussey 1956 – 2016

Timothy B. Hussey 1956 – 2016

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the passing of our former President and CEO, Timothy B. Hussey. As the sixth generation of his family to lead the company, Tim's twenty-year tenure as President and CEO made him virtually synonymous with Hussey Seating Company and his untimely death at age 59 after a long battle with mucosal melanoma left a huge void here at Hussey, one we all feel to this day.

Thankfully the careful transition planning done by Tim and the Hussey Family, its Board of Directors and management team, and the Hussey Family's steadfast commitment to continued Family ownership have helped the Company continue to thrive despite the loss of our longtime leader. In fact, this was a record-breaking year for revenue, and the future looks bright for the continued success of this 182 year-old family business.

A regular theme of Tim's blog documenting his battle with cancer was "Onward & Upwards". It's a phrase that captured his commitment to persevere and meet his challenges head on. It's what he hoped for and expected of us all, and while we're gratified that we're meeting that challenge we can't help but feel the success is slightly bittersweet without Tim here to enjoy it with us.

We know Tim is with us in spirit, however, and our mission is clear. "Onward & Upwards" it is!