Hussey Seating Goes to Washington

"As many of you may have seen, I had the opportunity to meet with Senator Collins and her staff as a guest of the non-partisan group, Main Street Coalition to give my opinions on the pending tax reform legislation. Hussey Seating Company has products and services based throughout the world and employs more than 280 people, as President & CEO it is critical our voice is heard in national politics as we constantly seek to improve and expand our business operations here in Maine.

I would like to be clear to our employees and community that while neither I, nor the Company, endorse any bill – we would of course take full advantage of a corporate tax decrease and use the increased capital to reinvest in the business through innovative technologies and machining that would allow us to compete at a higher level in the global marketplace - leading to new jobs and more employees at our facility in North Berwick. However, I shared with Senator Collins my position is that this cannot be done if it increases the deficit or at the expense of the middle class tax payers."

Gary Merrill
President & CEO
Hussey Seating Company