This is how you make safety Automatic!

We put a lot of thought into the safety of all our products, and no detail is too small when it comes to ensuring the safety of our MAXAM gym bleachers. For example we roll and coin the edges of all our understructure steel; we designed a two-part RFID chip verification process to ensure our wireless remote can't be hacked; and we've always used a closed loop aisle rail design to ensure patrons wouldn't catch a purse, handbag or their toddler's forehead on a protruding, open ended rail handle. What we couldn't ensure, however, was that the rails would be positioned properly by facility staff when opening the bleacher for use.

So we went back to the workbench and took care of that little detail too. Take a look:

There you go - if you want to make sure your product is used safely, make it automatic. Take a look at your gym bleachers next time they're in use, and ask yourself whether it's time to contact your local Hussey Dealer for a consult – because at Hussey Seating, we believe Safety is no Accident.