Global Sales, Local Support

You'll find Hussey Seating products on every continent on Earth (yes, we've even sold Portable Chairs to researchers in Antarctica!). We were selling our products internationally long before Tom Friedman declared the world "flat", and we've always known that a key to selling our products globally is to support them locally. That's why we've built such an extensive worldwide network of exclusive Hussey Seating dealers, each of them committed to supporting their customer's seating solution needs from design through installation to maintenance and service. And when demand in a region requires it, we establish a Regional Sales office presence to provide those local dealers with factory design support, product training and everything else needed to ensure top quality local support for our customers.

The latest of these is our new, expanded Regional Sales Office presence in the Asia-Pacific region, for which we've just launched a custom web site,


Our new Asia-Pacific Regional Sales office is just the latest example of Hussey's commitment to be a seating solution provider that delivers global strength with a trusted local presence. When it comes to competing successfully in the global economy, we've learned through long experience there are some customer expectations that are universal – to paraphrase longtime Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill, "All business is local". And at Hussey Seating, it always will be.