Winning football and Hussey stadium seating

Wow...  I had the privilege to watch the New England Patriots pound the Indianapolis Colts last night, and advance to the AFC Championship game - again!  The Pats looked very good, despite losing many of their quality starters this year to injuries.  Here's hoping for another run at the Super Bowl!

Of course, I got to watch the game sitting on stadium seating by Hussey Seating.  Yes, in fact, they were  comfortable and attractive - thanks for asking!  And they have stood up very well after twelve years in the elements at Gillette Stadium.

In fact, there are Hussey seats installed at twelve of the thirty-two NFL stadiums today (Dolphins, Packers, Buccaneers, Rams, Jaguars, Redskins, Lions, Eagles, Broncos, Chiefs, and Saints are the others).  I like to think we are associated some pretty good winners.  This year, anyway, the AFC Championship will be watched by fans sitting on our seats.  And playoff games were held in Philadelphia, Green Bay, and Kansas City, although unfortunately our seats didn't bring "comfort" to the home teams.

Winners and Hussey Seating - often used in the same sentence.

Go Patriots!

Tim Hussey