Happy New Year, and Hopes for 2014

 I hope the celebrations last night all went well.  Marcia and I went out and visited some friends, and were home in time to join our daughter Olivia and friend Bobby see the more than 1 million people (amazing!) in Times Squiare ring out the old year and ring in the new.   We also enjoyed seeing the amazing images from around the world - Sydney, Hong Kong, Dubai (WOW), and London. We think it would be fun some year to join in person somewhere!

I haven't made any resolutions for the new year, but instead I have what I will call "hopes" (maybe that's wimping out?):


  • I hope I will keep my good health this coming year, and continue to exercise and watch what I eat.
  • I hope my family will keep up the love and laughter that is so fulfilling.
  • I hope I get more time somehow on a sailboat.
  • I hope the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl in New Jersey, and I get to go see them win the damn thing.
  • I hope the school construction market has finally hit bottom and our North American dealer business will grow.
  • I hope the new innovations we bring to the marketplace will be a success.
  • I hope we can take advantage of the many exciting opportunities in international markets.
  • I hope the Hussey team keeps its amazing commitment to our mission, and finds new ways to deliver impressive value to our customers
  • I hope violence and conflict in the world will subside, and poverty will decline around the world as the economy grows.


Let's check on all these in a year!  Best Wishes for  New Year from all of us at Hussey Seating

Tim Hussey



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