Architects as Advisors

Architects are one of the most important constituents in our business.  For us to be successful, we must partner with these experts, and work with them collaboratively to provide the best design solution possible for their (and our) end clients.

Architects have their own sets of pressures, opportunities, needs, and challenges.  One of the smart things we have done here at Hussey Seating is to form an Architect Advisory Council, with four very bright and talented architects joining us occasionally for a good part of a day to give us feedback on products, services, marketing, and strategy.  They also share industry trends and insights with us, that are just hard to come by in any other way.

This week we had a our latest session with our Architect Advisors.  We met at a jobsite that has many of our latest product development features, and got excellent feedback.  

We heard later on that despite having gone past the "bottom" in terms of employment and billings, most of the markets we compete in are still quite sluggish.

Key insights for us out of this session included the opportunties for telescopic and flexible seating to provide solutions for some new needs.  We also got great feedback on some new tools we have developed, and how we are getting our marketing messages out there.

 Reinforced in all of this for us is how important it is that we, and our exclusive Hussey dealers, must be in regular communications and dialogue with these important professionals.  That clearly makes a WIN-WIN for us all.

Tim Hussey