"Le Peps"

Monday morning found me at the University of Laval in Quebec City, with our dealer Pierre Moulin, of Atmosphere.  We met the Director of Facilities, and had a wonderful tour of "Le Peps", the brand new athletic center at the University of Laval.

Click to enlarge imagePeps is "Le Pavilion de l'education physique", and is a very impressive facility featuring (of course) Hussey Seating.  The Olympic pool facility has 1000 bright red Fusion chairs, and the basketball arena has 3100 seats of Maxam Plus telescopic platforms with Metro chairs on the platforms, and also in the fixed seating.  The colors look great, and it is a terrific layout, where basketball and volleyball will be the prime uses, though already they have had a tennis tournament right there!  This is a unique use of a basketball arena, and I think has potential in other places.

The customer is extremely happy with our service and our quality, and we are glad to have the best and brightest installation in Quebec.  

Tres bien!