Arena Managers Get It (and we get them)

I was in Toronto Sunday night and yesterday, at the Arena Managers Conference (a section of IAVM).  There were about 250 professionals there, and it was a pleasure spending time with them.  These are real pro's, who are dedicated to the business of providing first-class entertainment in their facilities.  They are professional, progressive, and pragmatic, and they are just the kinds of customers we love.  

The Arena seating market is a sweet spot for Hussey Seating, no question.  These Managers are usually decision-makers in what equipment they want in their buildings, and they very much value what Hussey has to offer - expertise, quality, and innovative solutions.  And we love providing them to this market, which is healthy and growing.  We truly understand what these customers really need.

We were proud to be the sponsor of the keynote speaker of the session, Tim Leiweke.  Tim is the relatively new President  and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, and held the same position for AEG for many years.  If you haven't heard him speak, you should.  He has great insight into this industry, and combines it with his passion and leadership to stake out an exciting vision of the future.

I was also able to view our latest arena installation at Air Canada Center.  We seated this entire facility when it was built in 1999, and now 15 years later when they wanted to upgrade certain elements, they came to us for our new MXP Platform and nose-mount Quattro chairs.  They look terrific, the staff loves using them, and Hussey seats once again help create a great environment for public entertainment.

We look forward to more of these!

Tim Hussey

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