Back to School

Back to school brings up a lot of different emotions and reflections.  I remember the excitement as a child, anticipating old and new friends, new adventures in learning, and all the social excitement that came with school.  

As a father, it's been a different deal.  This is the second fall our oldest daughter isn't going back to school, and she seems much like an adult today!  I took our son to college last week for his last year - it's hard to believe how the time has flown for him and for us.  And tomorrow my wife and I take our younger daughter to Boston College, for her to start her college career as a freshman.  It will be bittersweet, I think - it's time (more than time, actually!) to see her spread her wings on this next chapter, but it will be sad and quite a bit different for us to not have that energy and passion in our household each day.  However - we have some plans, and I think we will be just fine with the "empty nest"!

Back to school time here at Hussey Seating brings a lot of change as well.  We lose many of our summer temp workers and college students from our workforce.  Back to school time is also when customers expect their new bleachers and chairs to be done and ready for students, so we are just finishing our peak season.  Back to school time is a bit of a respite from the high demands of summer - though not by a great deal, as there are still schools and other buildings to equip right through the fall.

Here's hoping you are having a rewarding Back to School experience!

Tim Hussey