High School Athletic Directors - A rare breed

Yesterday I participated in a focus group with our Marketing staff and five local high school athletic directors.  Part of the Hussey Seating "secret sauce" is  really knowing our customers, and this is one of our means to truly understand what our customers needs, wants, wishes, challenges, and dreams are.  

My appreciation grew of the work these folks do on a daily basis.  One A.D. told us that he is responsible for 900 kids,73 coaches, bus scheduling, driver issues, facility useage, scheduling, game-day management (including lining the fields), fundraising, and a fair amount of fire-fighting every day.  And virtually no staff to help!

We eventually got to how we as a seating supplier can help make their lives easier.  Certainly there are ways we can help provide new sources of revenue, and this is an important way to make a difference.  We also can provide ways to minimize setup and take down of gym equipment, and to be there whenever service is needed.  We like to make seating and related equipment "hassle-free" so A.D.'s can spend their time on improving student experiences.   We listened to how very important reliability and service are, to make their lives easier.

And the A.D's also expressed great interest in our latest initiative to provide a "wow" factor in colors, logos,  graphics, and means to express school pride and identity.

Athletic Directors are one of the most important users of Hussey Seating products, and the real experts in our business. They work very hard, and are generally nice folks to boot!