Hot Day in the City (or town)

Most of our business partners know that Maine is the most northeastern state in the U.S., with a lot of coastline on the Gulf of Maine, with pretty cold ocean water.  We normally get cool seabreezes in the summer, and have a delightful time, especially in July and August, with air temps in the 70's and 80's.

Today we may reach 98 degrees here in North Berwick.  Most of this week we have been in the 90's, and had the same a bit earlier in July.  I am not sure if this is global warming, but it sure is hot for us here!

The real story is the dedication of our Hussey Seating employees, especially in the factory.  Our powder coat and paint department work right around our large curing oven, which throws off a lot of heat on any day.  Yesterday, one of our spray painters told me his temp gauge hit 109.  Later on, I was checking on our guys in the Shipping department, and was told that the nose of the trailer into which we were loading parts was over 130 degrees!  And our guys working under a welding hood don't have it much better.

What impresses me so much as I walk around the factory (and then retreat to my air-conditioned office!) is the attitude of all our folks.  They are drinking lots of fluids, spelling each other, and just doing their job.  We are handing out popsicles most of these hot days to help a bit, but the spirit of perseverance and a positive can-do attitude is one of those characteristics that stand out here in our culture. 

Stay cool!

Cheers, Tim