Vacation - What Vacation?

My friends and I have always thought of summer as a universal time of relaxation. From our perspective of long beach days and late night ice cream runs, we have always doubted the idea that anything productive can be accomplished during these ten blissful weeks anywhere in the world. This remains true this summer; when the sun is shining and the ocean is constantly calling our names, why would anything get done?

However, here in North Berwick, I have quickly learned that summer actually means quite the opposite in the manufacturing world. This is our peak season, and all of our employees, from the boxers and shippers to installers to customer service reps and yes, even those of us here in marketing, are feeling the big summer push. July is our busiest month, followed by August with a close second, and then June. So, needless to say, we’re right in the thick of it. The factory is operating at almost 100% and employees are often working more than the typical 40 hour work week. There are over 30 summer temps to keep up with all the work, and so far this summer we’ve delivered jobs everywhere, from North Carolina to Mexico to California. Still not that impressed? Here are a few statistics that may help:

  • We’re producing around 18,000 Maxam seats per week
  • One Clarin chair can now be finalized roughly every 30 seconds
  • Our new quick change powder now has the capability to change paint colors in a fraction of the time it took with the old powder
  • This week alone, we’ve sent out over 30 trucks with products to be delivered - the most we've sent out this year so far!
  • A healthy portion of our whole year’s products will be shipped out in the months of July and August

What I’m saying is that just because the weather warms up doesn’t mean we slow down. Here at Hussey, I’ve already noticed that everyone is continuously trying to better the company, regardless of the season or how busy we all are. And as much as some days I look out the window and think how nice it must be at the beach, I must admit that the skill and efficiency of my co-workers and the constant stream of new developments make me excited to be here during such an important time of year.

Until next time,

Olivia Hussey