Welcome to the next generation.

No, not a new iPhone or another version of iTunes. This “new generation” is much closer to home. In fact, if you are here in North Berwick, you’ve probably already seen them. And by them, I mean us.

It’s summer time here in Maine, and that means the seventh generation of Hussey’s is out of school and ready to work. This summer there are four of us from the “G7” here on campus. We can be seen anywhere from sleepily walking in to work to invading the break room during lunch. Our mean age is 17.5, and our work experience is… well, let’s just say this is a learning experience.

So, why work an 8-4 office job instead of mowing lawns or selling t-shirts like a normal teenager, you ask? Are we required to work here? No, definitely not. However, for me, I’ve grown up hearing about this “family business” I’m a part of, but truthfully didn’t know that much about it. Coming in on Bring Your Daughter To Work Day at age nine with my dad only got me so far. However, I believe that by working here this summer I will gain a greater understanding of what the business is all about. Yes, I’ve sat through presentations about all of the company’s history, but by physically being here, I’m really experiencing the business first hand and understanding what, and who, makes that history happen in day to day work. Yes, being a part of the seventh generation of anything is exciting – high expectations, but still exciting. Knowing that people have worked at this for 178 years is something we can all be proud of. But this summer, my cousins and I are gaining a true appreciation of all the hard work that has come before us, and we can’t wait to see what the next few months bring.

Check out the video below to meet the new faces of the summer. Also, let me know what you think – have you ever worked with any family members? Did it change your work experience – how so?

Until next time,

Olivia Hussey