Remember, it's not all about you

Like a lot of manufacturers, we sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that our products speak for themselves. We're so invested in the development of the various features of our products, and so sure that their benefits are blindingly clear, that we forget that our customers simply aren't that interested in a laundry list of features – they've got a much simpler agenda:

"What's in it for me?"

When we step back and view the world from that perspective, it becomes very clear that our products are simply the tools we use to deliver the real value we offer to our customers – seating solutions that meet their needs and goals, that deliver tangible benefits and help them get more flexibility, use and value from any audience space. 

That expertise is the real product we're selling. Think about your customers, and ask yourself if your sales and marketing tools are truly focused on the real value you're delivering to your clients. That's a healthy gut check for any company to execute on a regular basis.

Here's Tim Hussey on what we see as our core value proposition – tell us what you think and let's hear about yours!