The best ideas come from... customers!

We just hosted our Dealer Advisory Council this week here at Hussey Seating Company.  These are five of our best dealers, who are plugged in and very connected to our marketplace, the customer needs, how we perfrom to those, etc.  They gave us very direct and candid feedback as always, and are an instrumental part of helping shape the direction of continuous improvement here at Hussey.  

I never fail to be amazed by the insights and imaginations of our dealers, and also of THEIR customers, the end users who use and operate our equipment.  

True innovation does not come out of a vacuum, or some brainy engineer sitting in front of a whiteboard or a computer screen.  Innovation happens when stimulus interacts with insight.  And the best stimulus is usually listening to your customer, observing what their patterns are, understanding their needs and goals. The source of Hussey's Maxam Flex Row?  Our graphics packages?  Our Performance Plyform seat?  Our newest and greatest telescopic platform, the MXP?  Our Designer Series lecture hall table systems?  All from customers! Either our best customers, the exclusive dealers, or their customers, the architects and facility managers.

Listening is one of the keys to success in business.  Here at Hussey Seating, our ears our wide open and eager to take in more.

Tim Hussey

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