The Future of Gymnasiums?

Gymnasiums for schools and colleges are one of the core markets for Hussey Seating.  We are the industry leader in market share for telescopic seating, and we have been supplying product to gyms for over 60 years.  We have a lot of expertise in layouts, courtlines, sightlines, ADA codes, and more, and we apply this expertise every day. We get to see, and collaborate on, the latest gym designs from all over the country, and indeed all over the world.  One of the real values we bring are "best practices", sharing what's being done in different geographies.

So I like to think we are a "thought leader" in the use of gymnasium space.  Recently, I read an article by Dennis Read, of Athletic Mangement, on the top 25 innovations in gyms and indoor athletic spaces in the last 25 years.  These included video scoreboards, more comfortable bleacher seating, breakaway basketball goals, synthetic floors, enhanced sound systems, wireless controls, and floor and wall graphics.

This led us to think - what will be the innovations of the NEXT 25 years? (And of course, how we can be in the middle of these?).  Some beginning brainstorming - can gyms be purposed for other uses, especially in the daytime when there is often lots of downtime?   Gymnasiums are expensive spaces in a school.  Can gyms be reconfigured for more multipurpose functions, such as large-scale testing, cafeteria use, lectures, or other performances?  

Will sponsorships and commercial signage gain traction, in the never-ending quest for revenue from new sources? 

Will trends currently in arenas "trickle down" to gymnasiums?  VIP seating, multi-uses, convertiable configurations?

Will new sports influence gym design, rather than basketball being the central design consideration?  Will fieldhouses become more prevalent, with indoor running tracks, tennis courts, and more?

We would LOVE to have your thoughts on design and use considerations for the future, and how a thought leader such as Hussey Seating can help innovate and move the industry forward.  

Chime in!


Tim Hussey