Spring and surprises

It's a beautiful spring day here in Maine.  Sun is higher in the sky, and temps are rising.  And we are trying to forget that foot of snow we got just over a week ago (most of it has actually melted here now).  

That snow was certainly surprising, though not unprecedented.

I was surprised a couple days ago when my pick to win the whole March Madness, Georgetown, lost to the #15 seed and first time tournament team Florida Gulf Coast.  My bracket is certainly busted, but it's a good reminder on why we watch the games, and not just believe all the "experts".

More surprises?  After almost beating the Heat, the Celtics have lost 4 straight.  Bruins are in a slump.  And the Red Sox are actually looking good in spring training!

Surprises are what makes a lot of the spice in life.  Who wants predictability all the time?  Spontaneity is where the juice is.

Here at Hussey Seating, I am regularly surprised (in a good way!).  Innovative approaches to our sales and marketing, extra efforts by our incredible employees, new ways to improve quality, and lots more.  

Spring is here - bring on more surprises!

Tim Hussey