Measures of Growth - Maine 2013

One effort here in Maine that I am proud to be a part of is the annual publication of a "report card" for Maine on various measures of economic vitality.  These are generally measures that take in long-term factors that promote healthy growth.  

Attached here is a link to our 2013 report, called "Measures of Growth".

Our Economic Growth Council that debates, develops, and details the report is made up of 19 people from around Maine, in private industry, non-profits, and state government.  

This year we focused, out of 26 measures,  on two "gold star" indicators.  Eighth-grade math scores in Maine have come up significantly in 10 years, and are above the national average - though they still have a lot of room to grow.  Also, water quality in Maine is rated at a very high level nationally.

We then award "red flags" for indicators that are particulary troublesome.  This year, we included 4th-grade reading scores (lagging badly), R&D expenditures (way below our benchmark), internet connectivity (growing, but not as fast as other states), poverty levels (1 in 5 kids in Maine live in poverty!), and health and wellness (over half of Maine citizens are overweight and obese).

We released our report last week to the Governor's office, Speaker of the House, and Senate President - and to the people of Maine.

If you are interested in Maine's future, please look this over.  It's data at it's best, and points the way to a prosperous future.

Tim Hussey