I guess it's a blizzard

We have about 30" of snow at my house, and it's blowing and drifting to some BIG piles.  We live on a tidal marsh, and the 13-foot storm tide had us nervous, but it is hanging just at the edge of my yard.  We have not lost electrical power, and I am now optimistic we will get through without a loss (I hope I didn't just jinx myself).  Travel is hazardous they say - even some snow plows went off the road this morning - so we are staying put.  I am about to fire up my snowblower and make sure we can get out!

At Hussey Seating, we are hardy Mainers.  We are used to cold and snowy winter conditions, and they really don't scare us.  We stayed open until about 4 pm yesterday.  I can only think of once or twice in the last 20 years we have had to close the factory.  We just do our thing, which is making the best damn seating in the world.  Nothing is going to stop us from doing that!

If you are somewhere warm, enjoy it!

Tim Hussey