How we serve general contractors - and other customers too

I recently was with the senior management team of a (very) large North American general contractor, with whom we do business as a subcontractor to them on various stadium and arena facilities.   We had a great opportunity to dialogue about what matters to them, and about how Hussey Seating can serve their needs.

Our early investment in the project design is very important.  Getting the ultimate seating design to meet all the owner's needs, at a reasonable price, takes a lot of work; there are many technical decisions to think through, and Hussey's commitment to architectural solution work is a big deal in getitng a project right.  We also work very closely with facility managers who actually get to use our equipment, and often with the owner's management folks as well, in determining trade-offs among seat count, comfort, egress, sightlines, flexibility, set-up time, and more.

Contractors love our ability to value engineer when needed; that is, to offer solutions to get to certain budget targets and to help everyone understand the trade-offs required.

The contractor also shared that our reliability in scheduling is critical to them.  From getting the shop drawings done on time, and approved, to having materials in place when needed, and having our onsite installation staff be responsive and flexible - this all makes a big difference, and it's not easy to pull off.

Safety - this is a critical issue for every general contractor today.  Hussey Seating has a superb safety program for our on-site staff (our factory has a great track record as well) that meets the demanding standards of today's general contractors.

General contractors actually buy more seating than any other set of customers.  Hussey Seating, and our dealer system, "get it" and are ready for more . 

Tim Hussey