"I had the shivers"

So said Leon Tanguay, a WW II veteran who spent nine months in a POW camp.  Leon laid a rose of dedication on our Chair of Honor, in the Hussey Seating showroom yesterday.

I will admit I had "shivers" as well, being moved, as I felt the appreciation of so many veterans who attended our Dedication Ceremony yesterday.  We were there to honor our veterans, and especially to remember the 91,000 + POW/MIA's who never came home, in their fight to protect our freedoms.  We gave full expression to appreciating this ultimate sacrifice as we dedicated a special chair that will remain empty - but we felt the appreciation fully in return.  A profound moment for all of us in that room – click on the video clip below to see more on this very moving event.

Many thanks to Rolling Thunder who have made this effort a central part of their mission, and especially to the visionary Joe D'Entremont, the leader of the Massachusetts chapter.  We are proud to partner with them, and look forward to many more folks "get the shivers" as more "Chairs of Honor" get installed in public assembly facilities across America.

God Bless.


Tim Hussey