Let's celebrate manufacturing

Today is National Manufacturing Day 2013, a day intended to celebrate and raise awareness of the value and vitality of manufacturing in America.  One "oops" on this - it was developed and being promoted by the U.S. Department of Commerce - which is basically closed for business this week!  All events they planned have been canceled.

But our government dysfunction doesn't have to stop the rest of us for celebrating what manufacturing is all about.  At Hussey Seating, we are very proud of our manufacturing heritage.  Starting with manufacturing horse-drawn plows in the early 19th century, on to various forms of structural steel products, to today's manufacturing of all types of spectator seating products, manufacturing is in our blood and what we do.

And what manufacturing does best of all is add value to our economic pie.  Manufacturing is a great multiplier - for every dollar invested, there is a "spin off" of about $1.50 in terms of impact on our economy.  This is more than virtually any other sector of the economy.

"Making stuff" has some sense of noble purpose to it.  It's tangible, and clear how value is created.  As our Maine Senator Angus King said this week, " We can't build an economy by taking in each other's laundry.  We have to make stuff".

Manufacturing in America has been much aligned, but I see it differently.  We continue to be a major contributor to the economy, and are a leader in driving innovation and R&D, the true levers to growth.  Many low-skilled jobs have been outsourced to other nations, but that's not where the true value is.  Advanced manufacturing, based on technology and innovation, is our future - and it's actually our present, as many firms are thriving today.

Here at Hussey, we have evolved greatly from a traditional steel and cast iron fabricator.  Today we have digital printing, robotic welding, CAD/CAM rollforming, and more.  We are proud to be a manufacturer in the great State of Maine, and expect to be so for generations to come.

So think about us today, and thank someone who is keeping manufacturing thriving in America!

Tim Hussey

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