Great comebacks and clutch performances

Sunday was a GREAT day to be a Boston sports fan.  I was at the New England Patriots game, where Tom Brady and friends took on the undefeated Saints. Despite a Patriots lead at halftime, the Saints looked like they were going to prevail, as they controlled the ball with a six point lead and about 2 1/2 minutes to go. But the defense did it's job, coaching staff managed the clock well, and my idol Tom Brady did what he has done 27other times in his NFL career - execute a heart-stopping 4th quarter drive for a comeback win.  (We did NOT leave the game early, but about half the Patriots fans did, and missed something very special).

We listened to the Red Sox game on the drive home, and it appeared that one was over as well, as Detroit pitching again was stifling the Red Sox bats.  But I got home in time to see the last few innings, and of course I had to believe a comeback was possible after seeing what the Patriots had done.  I suggested teh Patriots "magic" could rub off on the Sox.  And so it did, as David "Papi" Ortiz launched a grand slam for the ages, and the scrappy Sox won it in the bottom of the ninth.  

Clutch performances all around!

These examples from the world of sports are exciting and inspiring, and in fact are what make sports so much fun to follow.  The values of reslience, never giving up, rising to the challenges, and overcoming long odds are lessons for our lives in the "real world".

In the real world of Hussey Seating, these are values we strive for every day.  We don't have competition lasting only 4 quarters or 9 innings, but we do have to prove ourselves every day against plenty of competitors who would like to supply seating products to our customers.  We have certainly had ups and downs over our 178 years, but have had the resilience to always find ways to come out ahead in the long term.  We have plenty of clutch performances here happening every day, solving problems that seem unsolvable, going the extra mile to satisfy a customer, finding new ways of winning for all our stakeholders.

So yes, I aspire to be like Tom Brady and David Ortiz (wouldn't that be a combination!).  Stay tuned for more great performances from Hussey Seating!