If it's January, it's time for dealer sales training

We have got onto a schedule the last few years of using the first month of the year to get our messaging and training out to our dealer system.  The Hussey Seating dealer network is widely acclaimed to be the best in the business; we feel fortunate to have attracted such a talented group of professionals, and we work incredibly hard to make sure they have all the tools and expertise we can give them.  Hussey dealers are truly the "feet on the street" for our Company, and the ones who are the face that the end customers see and rely upon.

We had our first of four regional training sessions yesterday, here in North Berwick.  We actually started with a site visit and some social time over dinner; the social time is probably as important as anything, as the trust level and partnership spirit is what makes everything else go.

Our actual training session yesterday was just top-notch.  Hussey's sales and marketing pro's delivered again, with new marketing tools, product features, social media education, product positioning tactics, and detailed technical training.  I saw a motivated group of dealers leave the room last night, with more expertise and confidence, and a definite bounce in their step.  And that bounce was contagious, as I went home last night feeling confident that we can continue to grow our company, with this terrific business model of expertise and solutions for our customers, delivered in a very professional and customer-centric manner.

Now, on to Atlanta, Kansas City, and Salt Lake City for more!

Tim Hussey

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