Patriots, Inauguration, and MLK - is there a common thread?

Starting Sunday night, there are some important events for us to sit up and take notice.  I think these are MUCH more important than the Golden Globe awards of last Sunday!  (And sorry, but I can't ever get excited about the upcoming Oscars either).

Sunday night of course is when the New England Patriots should claim their latest AFC Championship.  They have a tremendous team with a brilliant coach.  They plan with incredible detail, but are able to adjust with great agility; they are disciplined and focused on TEAM, not individual; and they stay positive and always find ways to innovate and improve.  All very impressive, and lots of fun to watch.  Patriots 35, Ravens 21 - my hope and my prediction!

The Presidential Inauguration is Monday.  Although it may not have the same excitement as four years ago when our first black President was inducted into office, this is always an important part of our country's democratic traditions.  It gives confidence in our institutions, and hope for progress and improving our opportunities.

And the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday is obviously celebrating an important personna in the long civil rights progress in our nation.  He was a man of courage, character, and vision, and certainly helped raise consciousness of critically important human rights issues.  He gave hope to all of us for a better future with his "dream".

So, you probably can see what's in common here?  Yes, it's HOPE.  That might have been the theme of Barack's Obama inauguration 4 years ago (and no, that hope has not all translated into results), but for me it is still an undercurrent in our lives worth raising up.  I am an optimist by nature, and hope is an inportant aspect that keep me positive and believing in a better world.  Hussey Seating has many hopes for the future that for sure will turn into concrete action, and I am sure you all do so in your lives as well.

Go Patriots!

Tim Hussey