Hussey Seating - worldwide

I just left Abu Dhabi this morning.  Yes, that's right, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, where four of us from Hussey held a two-day session with our dealers from the Middle East and the Far East.  We were very pleased that 24 dealer salespeople from 10 different countries committed to this sesson.  We have a great history, great products, and an excellent brand - but our dealers worldwide are what makes us continue to stand out as a leader in our industry.

As I told these dealers, Hussey Seating is all about expertise.  And our dealers are our face of that expertise.  This group of experts committed two full days to increasing their level of expertise so that they can be even more effective in helping facilities and their clients have the best seating solutions possible.  

Of course, the Hussey staff learned a lot as well. First, that Abu Dhabi and surrounding Middle East environments are amazing.  World class designs and innovative economic development - very impressive.

 We also listened carefully, as to what is  needed for us to be even more successful - product features, customer support, and more.

And as always happens at these sessions, when we put this many Hussey experts together, the chemistry really works.  Sharing of success stories, offering of help, and the famous Hussey cameraderie - it's what makes this business rewarding.

We continue to invest in being the best in the world. I hope you can benefit!

Tim Hussey