Strategic school construction spending – a case study

There's no doubt that school administrators are dealing with a changed landscape when it comes to funding for facility construction and renovation. The recent 2012 Dodge Construction Outlook Mid-Year Update predicts that educational construction activity in 2012 will fall to 1986 levels, down over 60% from the peak years of the early 2000's and over 50% just since 2008. The reason for the decline is simple – in the short term, lack of funds is outweighing the need for new facilities.

Despite these grim statistics, there is construction and renovation happening – and as you might expect in such a challenging funding environment, an administrator's ability to demonstrate a clear and compelling case for a solid ROI on the project is key to receiving the funding to move forward. Here's a great example of that in a recent collaboration between Carroll Seating Company, our dealer in Missouri, and the University of Missouri at Kansas City:

Dramatic time and labor cost savings for each event they host, and the ability to host more revenue generating community events as well – for the UMKC Swinney Rec Center, this was a smart investment with an immediate payoff. If you're trying to do more with less with your facilities budget (and who isn't?!), talk to your local Hussey Seating Dealer and see how they can help you stretch your facilities budget and maximize your ROI.