Summer Days

Summer days at Hussey Seating are definitely not for relaxing.  We have the biggest backlog of summer work we have had in some time, and are working long hours to meet our customers' expectations.  That means lots of overtime and less beachtime, and almost 50 temporary laborers to help us through the surge.

Despite the continuing recession in school construction, we have gained market share for our flagship product, the Maxam gymseat.  We are pumping these out in high volume.  Our Clarin chair work is very steady and going to schools, colleges, arenas, stadiums, and churches.  Our newest product is our MXP platform, the absolute best product in the industry, and we are fabricating and shipping to two large customers, one at Penn State, and one at Bangor Arena.  Very exciting to see this come to life.

We have some nice international work as well; especially noteworthy is a large Maxam Plus for the  Futsal Arena in Bangkok, where the Futsal (indoor soccer) World Cup will be held in November.

I am glad the days are long in the summer, but wish there were more hours in the day - and more summer months to enjoy here in Maine.

Tim Hussey