Adding Value

I recently had the opportunity to visit with one of our top Hussey Seating dealers, Lee Company, based in Indiana.  They happen to be the dealer that we have worked for the longest, now an incredible 60-year partnership. 

What I love about Lee is that they are focused on adding value, not selling equipment.  They really work at having strong relationships with end customers - superintendents, business managers, principals, facility directors, athletic directors - and finding ways to add value and provide solutions that make their lives easier and their facilities better.

Lee Company is operating in a very challenging environment, as school construction in Indiana has plummeted.  But they are getting a huge share of the business that is there, and they in fact somehow seem to generate additional replacement or renovation business due to their long history of servicing these customers and fully understanding the needs of each school district.

They told me they appreciate the value that Hussey brings to the product range that enables them to be such a strong partner to their customers.  Our 1st row team seating with backrests is a good example, where they actually can add seat counts in a bleacher renovation.  Our new wireless power operation for Maxam is another example of making life easier.  They love our desire to promote school colors and graphics as this also adds value to school gyms.  

Adding value is a great way to describe meaningful work.  I hope all our dealers are doing that, and our customers are experiencing it.

Tim Hussey

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