Family Businesses rock

I attended Maine's Institute of Family Owned Businesses (IFOB)'s annual awards dinner last night.  Over 350 people in Maine came together to celebrate the values of family owned businesses.  Hussey Seating Company was a winner of Family Business of the Year several years ago, and I am always pleased to see the richness of what family businesses do for Maine and for our national economy.  Of course, we have some large and very successful family-owned businesses in Maine, such as LL Bean, Dead River, and Geiger Brothers.

But there are many more smaller and medium businesses that continue to innovate and create value, and work to create lasting legacies.  Winners last night included Hurley Travel (our favorite travel agent), Morong Autos, and a 7th generation ship chandlery based in Eastport.  Family businesses really are the backbone of our economy, and I always learn from these business stories; they inspire me to continue our traditions and values into the future as we work to create new legacies.

Tim Hussey