Spring and Hope - Four reasons

April is feeling good here in North Berwick, Maine!

First and most important, it's Opening Day for the Red Sox.  Hope springs eternal is a famous saying for Red Sox fans, and despite our new closer on the DL, and questions about starting pitching, there is nothing like the hope and passions of Red Sox fans.  I look forward to the emotional ups and downs that come with it, but mostly am glad that this unique pasttime is back in season.

Second, Spring is here!  Although we don't have the false summer of a few weeks ago, the air is lighter and brighter, the days are longer, and I can feel the natural world awakening.  Spring brings optimism naturally.

Third, it's the start of a new business year for Hussey Seating.  Our new fiscal year started this last Monday, and I am glad to see a new year with new opportunities in front of us.  We have a strong backlog, and our first full year of our new product line, Clarin by Hussey.  We have a talented team here, committed owners, and loyal customers.  I can feel it's going to be a good one for us, despite the challenging market conditions.

And finally, it's Easter weekend.  Easter is a season of hope and renewal, and I take joy in reflecting on the many gifts in my life, and the promises that lie ahead.  I expect to be at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain on my skis for a sunrise service early Sunday, marking this occasion.

Hope and optimisim can be contagious.  Share it!

Tim Hussey