Start with Why

I highly recommend this book, by Simon Sinek.  It's an easy read, and makes a compelling case on authentic marketing, starting from the "inside", or starting with your core beliefs and values.  And it goes beyond marketing, to your own vision and purpose.

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."  Think about it.    Our best customers, and the ones we really want, are the ones who share our beliefs and values, and care about WHY we do what we do.  

This is the opposite of marketing "manipulations" and features and benefits marketing.  Instead, it is about being very clear about our vision and our values, and enlisting customers, partners, and employees that share those beliefs and want to find ways, with us,  to make them real.

Authenticity and core values are at the heart of who Hussey Seating is.  WHY do we do what we do?  I am still thinking about the best way to articulate this, but I think we do what we do because we believe a family business with integrity and honesty can serve as a beacon in today's world, and to provide lasting values for customers who love long-term solutions.  We believe in people to people selling, in producing quality and innovative solutions for the long run.

This happens to be about spectator seating in our current generation of products.  But it's been the same "why" when we produced diving boards, ladders, ski jumps, or plows.  It's not WHAT we make, it's why we do it!

Check out the TED Video to get a great 20 minutes on this if you are too lazy to read the book.

What's your purpose, your dream,  your passion?  What's your WHY?

Tim Hussey