Flexibility and Multi-Purpose

Today more than ever we all crave flexibility in our life styles, and we like to keep options open.  This is true for public seating as much as it is for our careers, our wardrobes, and our workplaces.

Hussey Seating has long been the leader in providing expertise to help buildings operate flexibly and to serve multiple purposes.  The true value of telescopic seating is space recovery, done quickly.  The most well-known application of this is in the school gymnasium, where seating can be retracted and space can be used for phys ed classes, for practices, for school assemblies, lunches, or more. And then push a button and the entire system can be set up in minutes for an exciting specator event.

Space recovery through telescopic seating is done in many other venues as well.  By putting chairs on telescopic platform, auditoriums can easily have their seat quantities adjusted from 400 to 800.  Black box theaters can retract seats for practice, and open them for performances.  Television studios often need space when live events are not taking place, and use telescopic seating to be flexible.  Sports arenas, convention centers, churches, community centers, equestrian centers, rodeos, lecture halls - all these spaces, and many more, must design for flexibility and to achieve multiple purposes in programming.  Telescopic seating is a critical enabler.  And today's products, particularly those by the world leader Hussey Seating are comfortable, attractive, reliable, and easy to operate.

Be flexible, and incorporate telescopic seating into your space!