Measures of Growth

I am proud to serve as Co-Chair of the Maine Economic Growth Council, a non-partisan organization of Maine  business leaders, civic leaders, and legislators that produces annually a "report card" on economic growth indicators in Maine.

We have just released our report for 2012, and it can be found at

The report is somewhat sobering, as we found that Maine is seriously lagging on measures such as health care costs, obesity, fourth-grade reading scores, research and development spending, and transportation infrastructure.  We gave two "gold stars" for impressive results in lowering our energy costs and increasing export sales.

This report is taken seriously by policy leaders in Augusta and beyond, and by many other groups and individuals that are interested in moving Maine's economic development forward.

For Hussey Seating, we can operate at a micro level, as one company in Maine moving ahead on several of these key measures.  We are constantly working to improve our employees' health through our wellness initiatives, and at the same time reducing overall health insurance costs.  We hope to increase R&D, as we know innovation is our best ticket to long term market success.  We are always focused on productivity, in terms of producing and adding value more efficiently every year.  And we have education benefits that encourage our employees to increase their own education levels, to benefit themselves as well as the Company.

Maine is a great place to live and work.  Let's all figure out how to make it better.