Infectious optimism

As Tim Hussey noted in the previous blog post, we're in the midst of conducting Regional Sales Meetings across the US over the next two weeks, and after sessions in Philly and Atlanta this week I was absolutely blown away by the energy and optimism exuding from our dealers and reps. Our new Lecture Room seating products had a lot to do with it, sure - but these folks arrived with a serious bounce in their step, - and their upbeat demeanor was infectious.

We're fortunate to have the best of the best in our exclusive dealer network, and it shows. While the K-12 school construction market continues to struggle, we've gained market share for our gym bleachers and auditorium seats - and that's directly attributable to the skill and drive of these seating experts.

We invest a lot of time, energy and money in preparing and executing these Regional Sales Meetings, because we're sensitive to the fact that we've asked these busy professionals to make time for us, and we're determined to ensure that time is well spent. That said, we almost invariably get as much or more out of these sessions than they do. I know I'm leaving here at least as energized as we hoped they would be. Good stuff.