Seating experts in Philadelphia and Atlanta - and beyond

I am traveling with 5 Hussey sales and marketing staff this week, working with and training our Hussey dealers and reps on our new Clarin product range, as well as the entire breadth of the Hussey Seating product line.

We had 36 dealers and reps at a regional sales meeting in Philadelphia yesterday, and 57 showing up in Atlanta tonight and tomorrow. More next week in Kansas City and Salt Lake City.

It's very stimulating to be in the presence of these salespeople, and their energy and enthusiasm for Hussey products, including Clarin by Hussey, is infectious. Despite the market recession we are still in, these successful sales organizations that are the true partners of Hussey Seating are finding a way to win. The key is they are true experts in the seating business, and able to sell solutions, not just seats, to willing customers. Our training sessions are designed to add to their expertise, and it was good to see them all willing to "learn new tricks".

For us, largely as a result of these efforts over the last several years, our backlog is up, our market share is up, and we have a full cadre of new products to go to market with. Not bad in a recession! I can't wait until the market really recovers - watch out!

Tim Hussey